Conflict Resolution Coaching for Individual and Team Growth

Conflict resolution coaching enhances your skills in managing conflict. These skills will help you prevent and resolve conflicts and keep them from escalating. During the coaching process, the coach can help you think about a conflict differently and explore options for handling it effectively. The purpose of conflict coaching is to leave the manager or other employee able to strategize constructive approaches to conflict and put them into effect.

Coaching Can Help a Manager

  • Resolve conflict among department and team members
  • Maximize department and team performance
  • Build relationships for productivity
  • Restructure teams for maximum performance
  • Improve department and team meetings
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of departments and teams
  • Increase managerial skill and effectiveness

Coaching Helps Individuals and Teams Learn

  • About their own individual behavioral style
  • How their style affects others
  • How to work with others who have different styles (for more information, watch Zena's videos on Conflict Styles)
  • To understand the reactions of other people
  • To build positive working relationships
  • To become a successful team member

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