Facilitation of Meetings, Negotiations and Retreats

Let's face it. A lot of meetings are a waste of time: unclear objectives, monologues and sidetracked conversations leave participants stiffling yawns and glancing at their watches. Bringing in a skilled facilitator like Zena Zumeta has a lot of benefits. Not only can she help plan and keep the meeting on track, her facilitation frees your team to focus on the issues at hand and fully participate in the meeting.

The Facilitator's Role

  • Assisting in planning meetings for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Moving the agenda along
  • Running meetings smoothly and efficiently
  • Acting as a neutral observer of the meeting
  • Dealing with conflicts

Using a Facilitator Allows All Participants to

  • Participate fully in the meeting, instead of trying to run the meeting and participate
  • Participate equally in the meeting
  • Follow jointly agreed-upon ground rules to protect participants during heated discussions
  • Discuss difficult topics in a constructive manner
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of meetings

Great Meetings! Facilitation and Training

Zena is certified as a Great Meetings! Facilitation trainer, so she not only can facilitate your meetings, but train you or your employees to do so, too. The Great Meetings! approach focuses on the tools and techniques to improve your meetings so they end with clear results and satisfied employees.

Contact us for more information or to arrange for facilitation services.